Game Concept

“This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure.” Winston Churchill

Hosted once a month on Fridays the game takes place with 1 DM and between 3 and 5 players. The games uses a point buy system for each character’s starting ability scores. Each player is given 65 points to assign as they please adhering to a few simple rules. Starting gold is then determined using the chart on page 111 of the PLAYER’S HAND-BOOK, players are then free to purchase any starting gear, including armor and weapons, with this gold. This method ensures that players will have the minimum of gear and have ability scores only slightly above the bare minimum to be considered a functional character in D&D.

The required experience to level up as put forth by chart on page 22 of PLAYER’S HAND-BOOK remains in effect however experience rewards have been greatly altered. This has been done to place a greater focus on role play and keep players at lower levels longer. Full details on may be found here.

Magic will also be significantly altered for this game. Exact details have not yet been worked out however the basic idea is as follows:

  • Only arcane spells of the 0 level are considered to be magic.
  • Spell-like abilities will still function as normal.
  • Divine magic of all levels will function as normal.
  • Arcane spells of the first level or greater are considered to be alchemy.
  • Players with access to arcane magic are the only players who will be able to prepare alchemical formulae.
  • Players will be permitted to created a number of alchemical substances equal to the number of spells per day they would receive.
  • Experience costs associated with item creation shall be omitted from creating alchemical substances.

This has been done to further increase the difficulty and increase the focus on acquiring material components thereby creating more role play opportunity.

Players shall find no ease in leveling, nor the comfort of superior skills and gear, they shall advance only by enduring the numerous challenges inherent in this set up, and they shall excel only by being both clever and daring.

Game Concept

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