A Dead Start

No Free Lunches.
Do you hear banjos...?

Attending Players:

Lunch Time:

The party awakens to find that Francis Strife and Morgan Goldweaver have gone missing in the night1. There are no signs of a struggle and the barricades remain in place. An investigation is immediately launched within the house.

Devon had, that morning, entered Dreamspire having decided to begin his life anew, switching his career from mercenary to free-lance adventurer. He encountered the same uncanny circumstances as the adventurers had the previous evening. His investigations led him to a door where he believed he heard sounds. As Devon made ready to bash the door in the party prepared for an impending zombie attack.

After a quick introduction, mostly involving a broken door and the relief that the zombies had not returned, Devon decided to join the party. Having found no trace of Francis or Morgan and no longer possessing a working door the party took to the streets to find their missing numbers. A systematic search was decided upon as the best course of action and they duly entered the nearest house to search.

A quick and quiet search of the house revealed a zombie eating a small animal.[2] As if feeling sudden need to prove his value to the party Devon dispatched it in a single blow with a powerful sunder attack from his greatsword. Finding no trace their friends, but locating a small key in a dresser and a hidden lockbox under the bed, the party decided to move on. The zombie hoard that had stumbled onto their location however, had different plans.

Acting quickly the party decided the window was their only escape3. All players successfully ran to and jumped out of the only window in the room, except Logan Dark who instead decided to make a grab for the lockbox4 using up his full round of actions. He did not survive.

With no time to mourn the loss of one of their own the party sought to put as much distance between themselves and the hoard as quickly as possible. Finding themselves deeper in the city now the party chanced upon another rogue, Falco Nightow, who had been stuck in Dreamspire for several days now. Feeling that safety was indeed found in numbers he joined the adventuring ranks as the party now sought any available shelter. Deciding the nearest house would suffice the party was surprised to find the door lock. They quickly employed the skills of their new rogue friend, who had no trouble opening the lock. He did however forget to search for traps and was severely injured by a spear trap.

1 Francis Strife was unable to attend that evening and Morgan Goldweaver showed up late, their absence has been written into the plot and will be done so for any players unable to attend in the future.

2 If you really must know, it was a cat, a big poofy himalayan long hair with smoke tipped fur. Happy now?

3 At this point initiative was rolled, all players succeeded in rolling higher than the zombie hoard.

4 The lockbox contained no actual treasure, it was placed in the game to see if any players would choose greed over the life of their characters.

First Day on the Job
But it's my first day...

Attending Players:

Their First Day:

The newly formed band of adventurers has at last made their way to the city of Dreamsprie to begin their careers. They arrive about an hour before sunset to find the gates open and unguarded. Being in high spirits and new to adventuring this fact goes unnoticed or is simply ignored, however after 15 minutes of looking for an Inn and finding no one on the streets they begin to worry. Now driven by concern the adventurers start knocking on doors and shouting down alleyways, to no avail.

After another 15 minutes with the light beginning to fade a sound1 prompts the players to break open a door to investigate. The house they entered was a simple dwelling consisting of only a kitchen on the first floor and a bedroom on the second. A quick investigation showed signs of a struggle and which occurred some time ago in the kitchen. The desire for further information prompted an investigation of the upper floor, where the players discovered the scene of the grotesque murder of a child2. Further investigation gave no details as to what occurred, however with daylight all but gone, a figure was observed from the second floor window, walking down the street.

Eager for the chance to talk to anyone and hoping for answers the party rushed into the streets to find the figure. As they approached they began to suspect something was amiss and once they had come within 10 feet the figure was discovered to be a member of the walking dead. A ZOMBIE!

Battle quickly ensued and while the players were able to achieve swift victory against a single zombie the shambling horde that began to bear down upon them would have spelled certain doom if not for a swift retreat to the nearest house. The plan was almost flawless, save for the 2 zombies that dwelt within. The party opted to bait this new threat into the street, quickly turning the battle into a race against time. Thanks to good team work and the particularly heroic actions of Francis Strife the party was able to escape into the house and barricade themselves until morning3.

End day 1.

1 There was actually no sound, 1 player failed his listen so badly he believed he heard something and everyone decided to trust him.

2 The more gruesome details have been omitted, but there were saving throws involved.

3 It is worth noting that while the players were well rewarded for their teamwork the rogue, Logan Dark, was somewhat disappointed with his experience rewards, having decided to abandon the party to their fates at every opportunity.

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